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Are you responsible for safety at a:

  • Top tier COMAH site?
  • Lower tier COMAH site?
  • An industrial site which aspires to have the best possible emergency plans in place?

If so, you may wish to consider our following services:


Are you are a lower tier COMAH site which aspires to best practice and needs some assistance with your emergency planning? Perhaps you are just about to become a top tier site and would like some advice on what to expect from the emergency services and local authority? Do you need help in creating your on-site plan? If you are a new top tier site, do you want to know how to keep the costs of creating an off-site plan down as low as possible? Perhaps you are unaffected by the COMAH regulations but realize the wisdom of having an emergency plan in place?

If any of the above apply to you then contact Patrick now on 07711 022890 or email for more information.
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  • A full set of business continuity plans for every service area of the operation
  • An overarching Corporate business continuity plan
  • An underpinning business continuity policy document
  • All Plans fully aligned with BS 25999
  • Plans created by an experienced business continuity expert
  • Enthusiastic engagement of staff in all service areas in the process
  • Increased organizational awareness and ownership of business continuity
  • Protection against unforeseen service interruptions
  • No-fuss prioritization of services
  • Spin-off improvements to any existing specific Business Continuity Plans (e.g. IT Disaster Recovery Plan)
  • Spin-off improvements to existing business processes
  • Awareness training for up to 80 staff as Plans are produced
  • Establishment of non-onerous Plan Maintenance process
  • Industry - orientated process
  • Very quick results (within 3 months of start-of-process)
  • Mentoring of in-house staff along the way so business retains expertise when Plan creation project completed
  • Improved staff morale as BCM becomes realistic, interesting, challenging and relevant to your staff and to their own welfare
  • Thousands of pounds of savings in consultancy fees – phone Patrick now on 07711 022890 for a quick estimate – you won’t believe our low-cost prices

Patrick’s 3 point value for money Business Continuity Planning guarantee:

1. A complete set of business continuity plans for your business in less than 3 months

2. Save thousands of pounds in expensive consultancy fees

3. Overcomes the ten biggest obstacles to business continuity management

Contact Patrick now on 07711 022890 or email for a price and more information.

10 biggest obstacles to BCM

    • Too difficult to achieve resilience mindset  
    • False starts
    • Difficulties in engaging staff
    • Too time-consuming
    • Too much boring jargon
    • No plan templates that work
    • Can’t afford in-house expertise
    • No senior management buy in
    • Business continuity consultants too expensive
    • Too difficult to get plans to dovetail with major incident plan

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  • Low cost compared to other providers
  • Identification of gaps in your resilience
  • Improved plans
  • Opportunities for staff to practice emergency roles
  • Confidence in your plans and your staff’s ability to carry them out
  • Opportunities for team building
  • Meet statutory requirements
  • Post exercise reports

We can provide:

  • Plan audit tests
  • Walk through tests
  • Talk through tests
  • Tabletop exercises
  • Live exercises
  • No-notice exercises
  • Emergency Control Centre assessments

Contact Patrick now on 07711 022890 or email for a price and more information.
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  • Low cost training saves you thousands of pounds compared to other providers
  • Training takes place at your site to save time and expense
  • 3 hour fast-paced training module saves staff time without cutting down on anything you need to know  
  • Strategic and Tactical Teams learn together to ensure mutual understanding of roles
  • Training centred on your business’s organisational culture and needs  
  • We give you easy-to-understand tools to make quick strategic and tactical decisions
  • Training tailored to your site’s Emergency Plan
  • We give you tips on how to work well with the emergency services 
  • Training aligned to National Occupational Standards for responding at the strategic (gold) level and tactical (silver) level

Contact Patrick now on 07711 022890 or email for a price and more information.
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